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Server and Client SupportWe offer on-site or off-site based Network and PC/Mac support services to strengthen and maintain your office network and client computers. This includes security updates, troubleshooting, and installation of new hardware, software or cable.


We support:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Exchange Servers
  • LAN/Wi-Fi
  • Network Design and Installation

Tired of making sure your office computers are up to date on anti-virus, updates, etc? We do that and save you the headache. Low monthly rates make it incredibly smart to use.


IT Service Rates:

Hourly Rate: $130.00
Block Rate: $75.00/hr if more than 4 hrs. billed on monthly invoice.


Secure, Insured Disaster Recovery Backups

We offer encrypted, daily backups of your files to an insured, cloud server to help prepare you for disaster recovery should you ever need it.

Per Computer Monthly Charge: $10.00
Per GB Data Transfer per Month: $1.00

Ex: One server backs up 7.25 GB per month. To protect all of your files from disaster, you would have a monthly subscription rate of $18.00. Safety and peace of mind has never been less costly.